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Cross Curricular

Due to the statutory nature of Cross-Curricular Careers, its delivery is to be very important. The theme is delivered through:

- the Programmes of Study of all subjects within the school;
- time-tabled Careers Education lessons;
- Employability strands in year 8 and 9

Subject leaders are encouraged to specify in their Schemes of Work, how, where and when a theme objective is to be addressed. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subject leaders have a continued focus for raising the CEIAG STEM agenda within their departments. All departments contribute annually to Subject Options Books, giving accounts of GCSE, A-/AS-level and other exam and non-exam subjects, specifying their ‘career usefulness’ and routes of progressions into Higher/Further Education and the World of Work. Each department details their contribution to the CEIAG agenda in their departmental CEIAG policies
In addition each HoD has been encouraged to use utilise guest speakers and past pupils to promote the careers within their subject and are encouraged to take visits to places of employment related to their subject.

This section of the website will showcase good practice within subject areas.





This year myself, Michael McErlain, James Crilly, Georgia McCann, Connor McCrory and Erin Buick set up and ran a mini enterprise in the school as we were all interested in learning more about the practical side of business. We held twice weekly meetings to discuss everything from what product to sell and who to target market. I was appointed Managing Director after a vote with the group members. Georgia was elected Marketing Director, Michael and James were our Sales Directors, Connor was our Finance Director and Erin was appointed Production Director. We thoroughly researched the sweet market including the competition we would face and then sourced our supplier deciding on Makro. We placed our order and agreed as a group the price per unit would be £2.50. We also decided that all our profits would be going to the Student Outreach group for the Homeless since this was a charity we all felt passionately about. After the sweets were ordered the Marketing Director began designing posters which were then placed in class registers and put up around the school to spread the word of the selling date. Once the Makro delivery arrived in school, our production team was able to put all the units together, set up a production line and begin making up and packaging the sweet bags over breaks and lunchtimes. On the 13th of December we were ready to sell and were excited to sell 2/3 of our inventory within the first 20 minutes. We were delighted to raise just over £270 profit which was all donated to the Homeless. Overall, it was a great experience that we were all glad to be a part of; we learned all about the practical side of running a business, teamwork, meeting deadlines, marketing, finance, production and how to deal with customers.

Clara Devlin Year 13





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