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Due to the demand for university places and the competitive nature of the world of work we believe that each pupil should be continually developing their personal portfolio of work experience. During enrichment (every other Wednesday) pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a work experience/work shadowing programme giving pupils the skills and experience that will allow them to stand out to potential employers and university admission selectors. Local employers participating in this scheme are:

*St. Comgalls Primary School* Martin Residental Trust* McManus Brothers* Pinewood Nursing Home* McKeown and Company* Mount St. Michael’s, Randalstown*Ballymena School of Music* Antrim Health Centre* Mid- Antrim Signs* Gordon’s Castle Mall* St. Mary’s, Cushendall* McKervill and Neilly Solictors* James Ballentine and Son* Fitter Feet* Curry’s* Old Mill Motors* Vivo ExtraCredit Union* Boots

We would like to publically thank these employers for assisting our pupils build their work experience portfolio- they are turely indepted to you.

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