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Food Selection                               Price

Tea/Coffee                                          50p

Orange Juice                                       70p

Water                                                  50p/65p/75p

Grilled Bacon (once a week)               40p

Grilled Sausage (once a week)            40p

Sausage bap (once a week)                £1.50

Pancake                                              25p

Buttered Toast                                    20p

Bagels                                                 60p

Cereal                                                 50p

Cream Crackers                                  20p

Cheese                                                25p

Banana                                                40p

Fruit                                                    40p

Fresh Fruit Pots                                   60p

Grapes                                                55p

Jelly Pot                                               40p

Yoghurts                                              55p

Mid-Morning Snacks

Food Selection                   Price

Hot Dogs (once a week)          £1.10

Pancakes                                 25p

Cheese Soda                            70p

Sausages (once a week)          40p

Scones                                     50p

Wheaten Bread                      35p

Ham & Cheese Muffin            85p

Sandwiches                             £1.70

Baguettes                                £1.80

Yoghurts                                  55p

Apples & Pears                        40p

Banana                                    40p

Melon                                      40p

Toast                                       20p

Sausage Bap (once a week)    £1.50

Cream Crackers                      20p

Cheese Portion                        25p

Jelly Pot                                   40p

Fresh Fruit Pot                         60p

Grapes                                     55p

Vegetable Pots                        40p

Dip                                           30p

Panini Bar

Food Selection                                                         Price

Soup (Vegetable, Potato & Leek, Carrot & Lentil)     £1.20

Roll/Wheaten                                                             35p

Sandwiches                                                                 £1.70

Baguettes                                                                   £1.80

Hot Dogs                                                                     £1.10

Bacon Butty                                                                £1.50

Panini – Ham & Cheese                                              £2.10

Panini – Cajun Chicken                                               £2.10

Panini – Chilli Chicken                                                £2.10

Chicken Wraps                                                           £1.80

Chicken Fillet Burger                                                  £1.55

Chicken Kebab                                                            £1.35

Pizza                                                                            £1.00

½ Chicken Pitta & Garlic Mayo                                   75p

Pancakes                                                                     25p

Scones                                                                         50p

Shepherd’s Pie                                                            £1.75

Steak Pie                                                                     £1.75

Lasagne                                                                      £1.75

Chicken Pie                                                                 £1.75

Irish Stew                                                                    £1.75

Spicy Chicken Burger                                                 £1.60

Steak Burger                                                               £1.60

Corn on the Cob                                                         90p

Ham/Chicken Salad                                                    £2.35

Spicy Wedges                                                             £1.25

Tray Bakes                                                                  50p

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