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Board of Governors

St Louis offers a unique and special educational experience in the heart of Ballymena. We follow on from the St Louis Order principles of "Ut Sint Unum” and extend an opportunity for all our pupils and staff to contribute to our ethos of academic excellence and the holistic spiritual/social experiences. We are a faith based Catholic school of almost 1000 pupils founded in 1924. As a Governing Team, we work closely with our Principal, Sean Rafferty, and the School Leadership Team, to give long term strategic direction on how the school is run, to be critical friends to the school and to ensure the school is accountable for its actions.

Governors discuss and have input on: -

  • School Policies such as discipline, uniform, sport, bullying, homework, learning and teaching
  • Long term strategic plans for future development work
  • How the school budget will be spent
  • How the school will try and meet performance targets
  • Appointment and promotion of staff
  • Minor / Capital expenditure
  • Admissions Policies

We have a number of Sub-Committees to look at specific issues in relation to students, finance strategic planning and have a representative on the Alumni Group, "Friends of St Louis.” St Louis provides a rigorous academic offering through our curriculum and exceptional pastoral care from our professional and dedicated team of teachers and specialist staff. We are proud of both these facets of the school.

Exceptional and continually improving external examination results are the culmination of focused approach to study from the staff and students attending St Louis.

Each student is encouraged to fulfil their potential in a nurturing, supportive and caring environment.

Healthy lifestyle choices are encouraged through our focus on food and the environment. An extensive sporting programme encourages participation in team sports and the desire to compete at the highest levels is promoted throughout the school.

Whole school productions of outstanding quality enrich school life and develop the confidence, creativity and team working talents of our students.

I would encourage you to come and visit us and, in person, experience the holistic ethos of what makes St Louis Grammar one of the top schools in Northern Ireland.

Thank you,

Mr J. Stuart (Chair/Trustee)

Board of Governors
Mr J. Stuart, Chair/Trustee
Mr V. O’Connell, Vice Chair
Rev. P. Delargy, Trustee
Sr U. McGuinness, St Louis Trustee

Dr D. O’Loan, DENI Representative
Mrs M. Black, DENI Representative
Mr R. Totten, DENI Representative
Mr Gary Wilmot, DENI Representative
Ms L. Gildea, Teacher Representative

Mr D. Wright, Parent Governor
Mr S. Rafferty, Secretary to Board of Governors

Associate Members: Head Boy/Girl


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